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Q: What is the franchise fee?
A: Slacks Franchise Corporation is compensated for the development of this opportunity and for providing the management experience consistent with operating a successful franchise for an initial franchise fee of $25,000. This fee is uniform to all franchisees establishing a Slack's Hoagie Shack Restaurant and must be paid when you sign the franchise agreement.

Q: How much will I make?
A: The Federal Trade Commission, as well as the laws of various states regulating franchise sales activity, prohibits us from giving you profit estimates. If you are indeed serious about this opportunity, we will encourage you to contact one or more of our existing franchisees. They will generally be happy to discuss their experience with you. Specific sales information is disclosed in our UFOC as required by law.

Q: What will it take to open my store?
A: This chart is representative of what it will take in terms of real dollars to get your store open and operating through the first 3 months.
Q: Can Slacks help out with financing?
A: You bet! Over the years we have developed excellent business relationships with both selected banks and the Small Business Administration. We can help you through the hurdles often associated with obtaining fair and adequate financing.

Q: What about location?
A: The Slack professional network is there to help you. This includes experts in a variety of fields, including real estate. In our experience, the best location is one that is approximately a 30 minute drive from your home . With this goal in mind, together we begin one of many cooperative efforts- in this case, that of finding you just the right location to open your new business.

Q: Who negotiates the lease?
A: As you can imagine, the Slack family has negotiated quite a few leases for commercial space. Utilizing both our experience and resources, we will guide you through the process- every step of the way. Because of our experience, we have found that significant savings can be realized for our franchise owners including rent abatements and landlord participation in leasehold improvements up to and including full turn key remodelings. Naturally, your attorney should review any lease before you sign it.

Q: Now that I have a location; how long till I'm open for business?
A: There is quite a lot to be done and this will be a busy time for us all! Because some things normally take longer than others (and usually longer than expected) we believe it is reasonable for you to expect to open approximately 3 months after the lease has been signed.

Q: Where do my supplies come from?
A: Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to quality either! The Slack family has already pre-approved suppliers and tested them for both reliability and quality. We set you up with all your suppliers.

Q: Are there continuing fees to be paid?
A: Sure. We don't abandon you once you open your restaurant. There is a continuing service fee (royalty) of 5% of adjusted gross sales and a flat Marketing & Advertising fee of $220 per week.

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